Questions, ah, questions! Here shall be questions and answers to them.

:: So, is there a demo or something..?
We're working on it! The demo will be available on the web, playable right in your browser, but the game itself will be desktop-only for fancier graphics and more physics engine abuse.

:: When will the demo release?
When it's ready, ha-ha! Probably not very soon.

:: When will the full game release?
Don't mention time, it's a sensitive topic for me!

:: Why is this site pure-html+css with no frameworks or fancies?
Ask questions about the game, please.

:: But it's just you writing the questions for yourself.
I wanted to specify the "html" thing because someone would totes mock me for this!!

:: What is the game's engine?
It's Godot 4. It's fun.

:: Skeletons and IK?
Skeletons and IK.